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Bankruptcy and Restructuring Services
Thompson & Associates CPAs LLC. are experts in advising various parties during bankruptcy procedures working for debtors, creditors as well as trustees.  Our approach is simple.   Everyone, whether creditor or debtor is interested in enhancing and / or preserving as much of the equity and asset base as possible. Thus, we advise debtors, shareholders, equity committees, lenders (including DIP lenders) and creditors in various types of bankruptcy proceedings taking on a variety of tasks including:

Business solvency assessments  - We assist management is determination of best ways to manage potential bankruptcy.  In some cases, out team of expert may be able to assist is avoiding bankruptcy all together and create a positive solution to restructuring our client's business.

Stabilize core business operations and restructure / divest non-core businesses - In many cases, businesses stray from their core products and services and invest in businesses that struggle.   Our firm are experts in stepping in as interim management, restructuring subsidiaries, and providing potential permanent solutions to maintain profitable business segments.

Develop budgets, rolling financial projections and business plans - In many cases, budgets and business plans are the ultimate "first step" in a failed business.  Budgets are over zealous and unrealistic.  Business plans are generated without a clear understand of the products or services.  The staff of Longleaf Technical has expertise in creation or review of budgets to assess the reality of achieving such budgets.  We also have years of management experience and have worked for private equity firms in assessment of business plans and the ability to profitably execute such plans.

Create cash flow forecasts - When faced with potential business failures, focusing on short-term liquidity requirements is absolutely critical.  Longleaf Technical Services has the expertise to perform rolling 13-week cash flow forecasting to aid in the assessment of short-term liquidity requirements.   In addition, our staff can evaluate the impact of such changes in A/P policies to assess the potential liquidity shifts in the event changes are executed.

Evaluate the impact of proposed sales of equity or business assets- In the event business segments are potentially sold, our staff are experts in properly evaluating the impact of such sales to the balance sheet, income statement and cash flows of the remaining business.

Trustee or Creditor Support - Thompson & Associates Specialists are able to perform an examination and investigation of financial events and transactions, including preference transfer searches, fraudulent conveyance tests, and analyses of incomplete or inadequate records.

Based on our strength as forensic and litigation experts, we provide investigative and forensic accounting services—and our professional opinions stand up to the scrutiny of the court. As part of the bankruptcy process we are often called on to assist in litigation related roles, such as working with Trustees in finding hidden assets, business valuations, cash flow forecast and fraudulent conveyances.

“Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without hell.” - Frank Borman
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