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Crisis Management Services
Remember that Business Continuity plan that was created years ago and has been collected dust?  Outdated and inaccurate, many firms are faced with the need of emergency management and accounting resources and have no where to turn.  Whether the project is to augment your existing staff and management, or create a temporary division to focus on your crisis, our firm is skilled in quickly responding and developing protocols to mitigate our clients damages and continue business continuity. 

Thompson & Associates CPAs, LLC has key staff in place to manage the toughest of accounting crises for clients who need immediate accounting and infrastructure assistance during and following catastrophic and immediate need events. During Hurricane Katrina, many of our staff served in key positions within accounting departments to reconstruct financial statements, provide supporting documentation for audits and develop temporary systems to get company's accounting systems on track.  Our staff also created complex business models to request drawn downs from insurance policies as well as created cost tracking systems that were integrated with our clients' accounting systems, the State's grant reimbursement system and FEMA's NEMIS system.   As a result, data was transferred seemlessly, documents were stored electronically, and information was available globally. 

"Every little thing counts in a crisis." - Jawaharlal Nehru

In the public sector, Thompsons' professionals are experts in cost tracking, grant documentation, reimbursements and insurance claims to maximize recovery efforts. The firm has expertise in analyzing missing reimbursements in order to accurately calculate client claims. In addition, Longleaf provides “real time” cost tracking data and aid in ensuring proper documentation for contractor invoices. Longleaf has in-depth knowledge of the Stafford Act and emergency response disaster grant accounting. Whether you are the grantee or sub- grantee, the experts at Longleaf can assist in properly documenting your claim, detecting potential additional funding opportunities and resolving your cash flow challenges.I

Additionally, our staff are equipped to monitor contractor costs, identifying and extracting betterments when the enhancement is not insured and quickly and efficiently requesting or paying insurance draw downs.  Our firm performs these services by starting from the beginning, in negotiation of the procurement process.  Our goal is to eliminate cash flow issues by ensuring insurance / grant reimbursements occur before payment is due.