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FEMA Claims Management
When is comes to managing your next FEMA claim, Thompson's team of experts provide world class services with world class expertise. Our staff of experts create lasting relationships with emergency management personnel to focus on four elements of emergency management.

  • Pre-disaster Preparedness - Our staff works with your management team to ensure clients are prepared to meet the challenges of a disaster when they occur.   Out team of experts have worked with all types of entities including States, local governments, non-profit hospitals, educational institutions, and other non-profit entities.  Our staff are experts is assessing emergency management programs as well as documenting plans and procedures to meet federal compliance as well as best practices throughout the nation.  Our staff will review and monitor plans on a regular basis to ensure proper compliance and ensure effective communications and continuity of operations in the event a disaster occurs.   We review accounting and procurement policies to allow for the necessary resourced to be procured when a disaster occurs.                                                                          
  • Mitigation of Damages - Our staff of experts assist clients in identifying and preparing mitigation strategies to better prepare clients before a disasters strikes.  Our team can perform a complete risk analysis, and in conjunction with an engineering affiliate, design solutions to help mitigate damages when a disaster hits.  Specifically, we review plans of existing infrastructure as well new infrastructure and make recommendations to mitigate losses.  We establish training programs for your employees and identify methods of maximizing continuity of operations.                                 
  • Disaster Response and Documentation -  Longleaf's staff are experts in documentation of damages to maximize FEMA reimbursement. Whether the need is to request FEMA Grant Assistance, prepare project worksheets, contract procurement, document reimbursements, or project close-out, our team of experts are equipped to assist emergency management in the response and documentation process. In the event emergency management has staff in place, we provide expert guidance and management oversight in collaboration with existing emergency management and can augment the staff in place if requested.   Clients quickly rely on the extensive knowledge of FEMA our staff possess and rely on Longleaf Technical's expertise to ensure all elements of the response are fully documented for to ensure grant eligibility.                                                                               
  • Long-term Recovery - Long-term recovery can be highly complex and take years to implement for certain disasters.  Our staff of experts are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of long-term recovery, including but not limited to....
  • Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs
  • Community Disaster Block Grants
  • Long-term Recovery and Organizational Management
  • ​Donations Management
  • Insurance Claims Resolutions to Maximize Recovery
  • Identifications / Documentation fo Hazard Mitigation Programs
  • Transitional and Permanent Housing Strategies
  • ​Environmental Recovery Planning
"Considering the dire circumstances that we have in New Orleans, virtually a city that has been destroyed, things are going relatively well." –FEMA Director Michael Brown